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Disability Services Advisory Council (DSAC)

About the DSAC

At Life Without Barriers we have a Disability Services Advisory Council or DSAC. This group is designed to find out about what you think of the services we provide to the people we support so we can improve them. We want to know what is important to you and learn about ways we can help you to have more choice and control in your life.

How DSAC works

The DSAC has members who run groups in each state and territory. They meet twice a year to talk about what is important to people with disability and to advocate for change. They also meet with the members of the Life Without Barriers Board and Chief Executive to share important issues and ideas.

There are also regional groups that meet with their area operations managers and report on issues and provide ideas to the DSAC groups. You can gain support from a local group near you to discuss your concerns and ideas.                              

What we expect from the people who speak for you
People who are a part of the regional and DSAC groups need to do some important things. These include: 


Our national DSAC members

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John Green - Chairperson 
Contact Area: Northern NSW


aqs0y5e1 rhhWOz FvTUCUS6ewf egdwDylGaES1LqM Christine Conway 
Contact Area: Hunter NSW representative  

Daniel Mckenzie 
Contact Area: New South Wales Representative

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Brad Mitchell 
Contact Area: Tasmanian


Mac Yee1 Macarthur Lee 
Contact Area: Victorian Representative


Keith photo1

Keith Chamberlain

Contact Area: Southern NSW Representative

DSCF1526 Tiffany Malthouse 
Contact Area: Northern Territory Representative

James Gardiner:  Contact Area: Queensland Representative



 Resources DSAC members want to share


The DSAC is guided by the United Nations Convention on the rights of Persons with Disabilities. You can find out more about DSAC by contacting – Dominique Ryan at

The latest DSAC meeting - 2019