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Disability Services at Life Without Barriers

We know it’s important for your needs to be met with the right supports, at the right time. That’s why our experienced teams tailor supports around you, to help you live the life you want. You can expect our teams to understand and honour your rights and the choices you want to make about the supports you receive.

We are registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and can support you to navigate and access the supports you need. See our Disability Supports page for more information on where we deliver services in your area.

Need help with employment? We partnered with Angus Knight to create Joblife, an employment support agency that provides provides highly-personalised support for people with a disability, or people with an injury, who are returning to work. Visit their website or call them on 1800 319 502.

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Types of Disability Supports

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