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Our Accessibility Inclusion Employment Plan (AIEP)

Steps leading to a building, doors not wide enough for a wheelchair, lift buttons without braille, chairs that can’t be adjusted. These are some of the very obvious barriers that exclude people with disability from being part of the workforce.
But there are other, less obvious barriers, including our own practices and processes. Life Without Barriers (LWB) has a strong reputation for its commitment to working with people in the community to help them live their life their way.

This Accessibility, Inclusion and Employment Plan (AIEP) provides our employees and our customers with detail on what we will do to create an accessible and inclusive workplace.


In our previous Accessibility Action Plan, we committed to projects and actions that improved access and inclusion for people with disability. We achieved outcomes including the formation of the Disability Services Advisory Council (DSAC), and the Disability Services Achievement Awards.
Insights from our previous plan combined with consultation with our DSAC, have helped us co-design a contemporary Accessibility, Inclusion and Employment Plan.
LWB also sought the advice and guidance ofthe Australian Network on Disability (AND), which shared its own expertise, experiences and knowledge from other organisations, to assist in the formation of our plan. We acknowledge and thank both DSAC and AND for their ongoing support. The activities and actions of this plan were informed with feedback from employees, Board Members, customers, and engagement with others outside of LWB.


This plan outlines the actions LWB will take over the next two years to improve the equitable inclusion and economic participation of people with disability. It includes our plans to ensure our culture is truly inclusive and respectful of people with disability.
Our key goal is to increase employment of people with disability. In year one of the plan, our target is 4% of new appointments will be people with disability. This will increase to 10% in year two. This target will drive our commitment to proactively recruit people with disability into roles across the breadth of LWB.

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