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Our Accessibility Inclusion Employment Plan (AIEP)

Everyone deserves the chance to gain meaningful employment, especially people with disability, so they can enjoy the personal, social and financial benefits it provides. However, only half of the people with disability of working age in Australia have been able to secure employment and the unemployment rate is double the national average, at 9%.

People with disability have the same skills and capacity to contribute to the workforce as the rest of the population and we are all worse off if people with disability are not afforded the same opportunities as everyone else. Our Accessibility, Inclusion and Employment Plan is our deep and ongoing commitment to breaking down the barriers that people with disability face with obtaining employment.

Just launched: AIEP June 2019 – June 2022

Leveraging the strong foundations built through our previous plan, we are continuing our journey towards improving accessibility and inclusion for employees, people we support and the communities in which they live with a renewed focus and ambitious employment targets.

Our Chief Executive Claire Robbs explains our priorities and targets for the next three years in the following video. It includes a special message from Graeme Innes, who is a well-known member of our Board and an incredibly passionate advocate of disability employment.

Read our AIEP June 2019 – June 2022. Available in:

Employment targets

We believe so strongly in our commitment to employing more people with disability, that we are setting employment targets. Through our 2017-2018 plan, we employed 153 new staff and met our target of 4% new hires in 2017.

Our target for this next plan is 8% new hires and 4.5% of staff identify as having disability in our HR system by June 2020. We encourage other organisations to follow our lead by also committing to employment targets and providing people with disability the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of a career.

Tracking our progress

Life Without Barriers is an active participant in the Australian Network on Disability’s Access and Inclusion Index as it is a highly effective way to monitor progress towards access and inclusion goals and focus effort on improvements. It is for this reason we have underpinned this plan with the Index’s ten point framework.

Supporting our staff with disability

Our new Disability Ability Wellness Network (DAWN) will allow all employees to come together and share ideas about how we can support people with disability, chronic health conditions and mental health conditions. It’s a way to encourage staff to recognise opportunities and bring forward solutions that can contribute to improving opportunities for people with disability.

Disability Confident Recruiter

Life Without Barriers has been Awarded Disability Confident Recruiter (DCR) status by the Australian Network on Disability (AND). Obtaining DCR status shows that we are an organisation that is committed to ensuring people with disability are actively recruited in our organisation.

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Previous Plans

Accessibility, Inclusion, Employment Plan 2016-2018