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Types of Disability Support

We will work with you to set up supports when and how you would like them to be provided.  We have three types of disability supports:

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    Shared and Supported Living

    Shared and Supported Living 
    We support people living in their own home,  or with one or two others,  who need accommodation support in home.  Some people want the support a grouped model  or house can offer. We have grouped models in many local communities right across Australia.  You might share with one or more.  We work with people whose needs may mean, that they require a great deal of support over a 24 hour period.  Our support is personalised,  to what each individual requires.

    Host family or alternate family support: Sometime we need others in our life to help out and share the support. We support an alternate family model where a young person lives in the home of another family, either part or full time, with the full consent of their parents.

    Supported Living: Some people want the support a grouped model can offer. We have grouped models in many local communities right across Australia.  You might share with one or others. You might be in the situation that means have a deal of support coming into your home over a 24 hour period. We offer a range of personal support depending on what each individual requires.

    Whichever type of shared living support we offer, all include:

    • Support to access services that promote and support your good health and wellbeing
    • Support based on a  person-centred plan
    • An emphasis on the development and maintenance of  friendships and social relationships in the local community and beyond
    • Active support based on participation  in household routines to maintain and build independence

    Moving out?

    • If you are living in supported accommodation but want to move out on your own, we can help.  You might be able to manage somethings on your own and not others. We will only help where you want us to. If you can manage your money but need help learning to cook and travel independently, then we will tailor our support to help you build the skills you need.
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    Lifestyle Supports

    Lifestyle Supports 
    How we spend our time is really important to all of us. We all want to be part of our neighbourhood and our community, we all want to keep learning new things, meeting new people. Our friendly team at Life Without Barriers want to help you do the things you want, where you want, when you want.

    At Life Without Barriers, it’s all about what you want. We have a range of supports in a range of places to suit different needs, and we’ll work with you to find the right supports for you.

    Our lifestyle supports help you take part and get involved to ensure you have a good life. We offer support 24/7, every day of the year, at your place, at ours, or out and about.

    • Take part in your community:  we work and live in local communities and can help open doors for you to get involved
    • Learn a new skill: we offer 1 to 1, small group, or centred based support to help learn new skills such as cooking or woodwork, go to TAFE or start a new course
    • Get some more experience: we can support you to volunteer in a number of different workplaces, help you transition to work
    • Be creative: we love dancing, acting, painting, making music
    • Build your independence:  we can work with you to gain more independence like getting your learners permit, managing your own budget
    • Stay fit and healthy: we believe in staying healthy, we offer exercise classes, work with local gyms and nutritionists to keep well
    • Help with everyday things: cooking, cleaning, laundry, all in a day’s work for us
    • Up close and personal: we can offer you personal care support in your own home with good people to support you. Our people are trained in manual handling, medication administration, first aid and a range of specific procedures
    • Getting out and about: we offer transport to your activities
    • Problem solving: when you need someone to help figure out how to get what you want, we are here to help
    • Have fun: we love celebrating. Join us for Reconciliation Week and other big events

    Whichever of our Lifestyle Supports you choose, wherever we deliver it, all include:

    • Support based on you
    • A  focus on making new friendships, connections and  social relationships in the local community and beyond as well keeping the ones you have
    • Active support  to help you build independence, increase skill and experience
    • Support to  make sure you stay well and healthy
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    Support Coordination

    Support Coordination

    We have the expertise to help you connect with a number of services or community organisations to help you meet your goals, to support you maintain your existing relationships and develop new ones  and  to make sure you are able to access health, education and other services available to all members of the community. We will support you to build your skill and confidence so you can take over as much of this role yourself.