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New South Wales / ACT Disability Services

Our local teams have been supporting people with disability across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory for over 20 years, to create a place to call home, live life to the fullest, and make the most of what your community has to offer. 

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    Accommodation - Shared and Supported Living

    Supported Accommodation

    Find a place to live, and live the life you want.

    Your Life Without Barriers team will partner with you to live as independently and as well as you can, with others or on your own. Your personalised plan can include support with:

    • Moving out for the first time, or moving into your next place
    • Getting yourself ready for the day, eating healthily, and keeping fit and taking care of yourself
    • Maintaining your home space the way you like it
    • Living well with others and being involved in your local community
    • Dealing with the responsibilities of living in your own home, such as buying groceries, paying bills and budgeting your money
    • Developing new, and rediscovering old skills and passions, and having fun
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    Support in Your Community - Lifestyle Supports

    Support in Your Community

    Get involved in your community, whenever and wherever you want.

    Your Life Without Barriers team will partner with you to create a plan of supports to meet your needs, help you maintain your personal and social wellbeing, and keep you in control of what you want and need. Your personalised plan can be tailored to support you to:

    • Keep your relationships with family, friends and community members
    • Take part in your community, enjoy activities and experience new things
    • Learn new skills that you are interested in and that might help you at work
    • Be creative and have fun 
    • Feel more independent
    • Stay fit and healthy, and look after yourself
    • Get things done around the house
    • Get out and about
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    Support Coordination

    Support Coordination

    Connect with people and services in your community to help you meet your goals.

    Your Life Without Barriers Support Coordinator will partner with you to organise and connect with services in your community that can assist you with:

    • Meeting your goals
    • Developing and maintaining relationships
    • Accessing health, education and other services
    • Participating in your community and finding a job if you want

    If needed, you can also build your own skills and confidence to coordinate your own supports.

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    Health and Wellbeing

    Health and Wellbeing

    We offer a range of therapeutic support tailored to the needs of each person. To find out what therapeutic support services are available in your area, contact your local LWB office.

    We can conduct a range of assessments. These include speech and swallowing assessments, health assessments, psychometric assessments, functional behavioural analysis assessments, adaptive assessments and psychosocial assessments.

    This might include positive behaviour support planning, health care planning, safety planning, risk management planning, meal time management plans and personal planning. All plans are personalised to your circumstances and situation. We offer a range of therapy interventions, therapeutic counselling, skill development and group work.

    Some of those with funding from the NDIS will receive funding for training to ensure those supporting them are well-prepared. We can offer staff training in positive behaviour support, mental health and recovery, suicidal thoughts and behaviour, tube feeding, diabetes and blood glucose level monitoring, epilepsy and midazolam, spinal cord injury support, health promotion, and dysphagia/dysphasia, in addition to a range of other health training packages.

We are in over 300 communities. Visit our service locator to find the team closest to you, or contact one of our Regional offices below:

Life Without Barriers State-wide - New South Wales / Australian Capital Territory

Level 1, 81 Railway street

Rockdale NSW 2216

Phone: (02) 9508 400



Northern NSW - Ballina

2/97 Tamar Street

Ballina NSW 2478

Phone: (02) 6625 8600


Hunter and Newcastle

Suite 8, 10-11 Hilltop Plaza

Charlestown NSW 2290

Phone: (02) 49184 900


Central Coast - Tuggerah

Suite A, 2 Reliance Drive

Tuggerah NSW 2259

Phone: (02) 4343 8830


Western NSW - Orange

92 Dalton street

Orange NSW 2800

Phone: (02) 6394 9701


Sydney - Rockdale

Level 1, 81 Railway Street

Rockdale NSW 2216

Phone: (02) 9508 4000

Southern NSW & ACT - Wollongong

3/336 Keira Street

Wollongong NSW 2500

Phone: (02) 4260 2220