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CASP (Community Assistance and Support Program)

Life Without Barriers has merged with DUO services in Canberra. We will be working together to continue to deliver Community Assistance and Support Program (CASP) services across the ACT. 

  • Are you not eligible for the NDIS, but require home and community care supports due to difficulties with daily living activities arising from a health condition, including mental health issues?
  • Are you eligible for the NDIS, but have an unmet health need such as post hospital care not covered in your NDIS plan?
  • Are you under 65 years of age and seeking supports that are not already funded under another Government program? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may be eligible for CASP. It is a program that provides support to enhance peoples’ health and wellbeing and facilitate independence and participation in the community.

Services CASP can provide include: Client Assessment and Care Coordination, Counselling and Support, Personal Care, Social Support, Domestic Assistance and Home maintenance and gardening

Call 02 6213 1600 to find out more about these services or fill out our online form.